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The CRTR Program has a range of South East Asian publications as well as Peer Reviewed Publications.

Mariculture / South East Asian COE

Aquaculture is a booming industry in the Philippines, a nation ranked within the 14 most influential fisheries countries globally. Researchers at the CRTR's Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence is working to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information amongst local governments, managers, stakeholders and scientists on key marine and coastal resource issues related to mariculture.

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Southeast Asian CoE in action: Community-based restoration - the Bolinao experience

CRTR Researchers are working with local communities to restore live coral cover to the reefs of Bolinao, Pangasinan Province in the northwestern Philippines by sharing low-cost reef restoration techniques.

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CoenoMAP is a web-accessible, map-oriented database showing the distribution of corals in the Philippines. It enables sharing and updating of information to support conservation and facilitate research on Philippine corals.


Southeast Asian CoE: Local governments critical to effective management and protection of coral reefs - Lingayen Gulf, The Philippines

Reviews the CoE’s work under the CRTR Local Government Initiative with coastal municipalities surrounding the Lingayen Gulf to improve management and protection of reefs.

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SEA COE Local Government Initiative

Details the work the CRTR Southeast Asian CRC has undertaken with local governments in the Lingayen Gulf

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Present and Future Challenges for Coastal Communities: Proceedings of the Coastal Resources Management Forum (Philipines)

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MPA Enforcement Protocol Guide (Philipines)

(Gabay Hinggil Sa Pagpapatupad ng mga Batas ng Sanktwaryo sa Bolinao, Pangasinan)

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Poster: CRTR Program Centres of Excellence

An overview of each of the four Centers of Excellence and their role within the CRTR Program.

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Brochure: CRTR Program Summary

A comprehensive introduction to the CRTR Program’s objectives and goals against its research and capacity building agenda.

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Brochure: CoE Summary (July 2008)

A look at the role and responsibilities of the Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence.

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UP Forum: Marine Scientists Embark on Global Project to Save Coral Reefs

An article on the work of Dr Edgardo Gomez and the CRTR Program in their quest to save coral reefs.

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