Connectivity and Large-Scale Ecological Processes
Prof. Peter Sale
Chair, CRTR Connectivity Working Group
CRTR researchers working on a settlement plate at Glovers Reef, Belize

The situation

Connectivity is the interconnection of marine populations through larval dispersal. Very little information exists on levels of connectivity in coral reef regions, which has significant implications for management. read more

Who we are

The Group aims to advance the science of connectivity and large-scale ecological processes, and demonstrate its effectiveness for selected species in the Meso-American region. read more

Our research

The Group is focusing on demographic connectivity (transfer of organisms), regarded as the most challenging aspect of connectivity to investigate. read more

Progress so far

Significant progress has been achieved in key areas of genetic composition of coral populations, investigation of post settlement bottlenecks, connectivity of specific species such as Bicolour damselfish and investigation of lobster larval dispersal. read more

Information resources

Connectivity related publications are available. read more


Connectivity and Large-Scale Ecological Processes Working Group contacts read more

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