Restoration and Remediation
Prof. Al Edwards
Chair, CRTR Restoration & Remediation Working Group
Artificial reefs (Reefballs) are being used in an experimental restoration study in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Local workers float the Reefball towards the natural reef site 

The situation

Coral reefs are suffering degradation from a number of natural and human-induced causes.  There are opportunities for direct intervention to actively restore degraded coral reefs.  read more

Who we are

The Restoration and Remediation Working Group is seeking to address knowledge gaps which hinder restoration, and to advise the management community so as to improve the success of restoration projects.  read more

Our research

The Working Group is examining the current state of restoration and remediation techniques, and testing the efficacy of a range of potential applications.  Focus areas include developing scientific protocols; gathering baseline data; enhancing natural recovery; and combining remediation with local enterprise.  read more

Progress so far

Significant progress has occurred in assessing the cost effectiveness of restoration options; testing the efficacy of transplantation methods; and enhancing larval recruitment of different coral species for restoration.  read more

Information resources

Restoration related publications and resources are available read more


Restoration and Remediation Working Group contacts. read more

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