Modelling and Decision Support
Prof. Roger Bradbury
Chair, CRTR Modeling and Decision Working Group
Particpants of a capacity building workshop learn to use remote sensing as a decision support tool.

The situation

Coral reefs and the people that depend on them are facing a multitude of global, regional and local problems including climate change, overfishing and dredging.  Modelling is an important management technology that allows decision makers and reef users to see the dynamics of the whole reef system – including ecological, biophysical and socio-economic aspects. read more

Who we are

The Modelling and Decision Support Working Group is creating an integrated scientific understanding of the way in which people interact with coral reefs.  read more

Our research

Our research aims to develop modelling resources to enable reef managers to develop scenarios for their own areas, to better understand the links between local, regional and global processes and to access realistic scientific and economic data over the Internet. read more

Progress so far

The Modelling and Decision Support Working Group has developed fundamental ecological, socio-economic and biophysical models. read more

Information resources

Modelling and decision support related publications are available. read more


Modelling and Decision Support Working Group contacts. read more

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