Remote sensing
Prof. Peter Mumby
Chair, CRTR Remote Sensing Working Group
Participants of a Capacity Building Workshop learn to use remote sensing as a decision support tool, Marine Science Institute, Philippines

The situation

Coral reefs are complex systems affected by multiple natural and human processes. Remote sensing provides the only practical way to measure meaningful large-scale variations to coral reefs. read more

Who we are

The Group is investigating the potential and limitations of remote sensing of coral reefs so that the technology can be used for realistic and practical management objectives.  read more

Our research

The Group is developing and testing a wide range of remote sensing tools, including satellite, airborne, acoustic and in-field methods, using both modelling and field experiments. Remote sensing focus areas include creation of software for monitoring coral health; methods to detect changes in the coastal environment; inventory, monitoring and management of biodiversity; and creation of tools to manage coral bleaching.  read more

Progress so far

The Group has data for more than 25 collaborative publications. New models have been developed and field trials conducted. read more

Information resources

Remote sensing related publications are available read more


Remote Sensing Working Group contacts.  read more

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