Southeast Asia

Bolinao Marine Laboratory, Philippines
Who we are

Based at the Marine Science Institute at the University of the Philippines in Manila, and at the Bolinao Marine Laboratory in northwestern Philippines, the Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence is a hub for coral reef studies in Southeast Asia read more

Why we are involved

Coral reefs are the richest repositories of marine biodiversity across Southeast Asia. They are important economic assets, contributing more than $1 billion annually to the Philippines economy through the provision of food, employment and export income to the people of the Philippines.

The coral reefs in Lingayen Gulf are some of the most endangered in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Thousands of people directly depend upon the Gulf’s coral reefs for food, but fisheries catch is typically low due to overfishing and persistent destructive fishing, although some effort is being exerted to reduce or eliminate them. read more

Our research

The Centre of Excellence is providing a ‘hub’ for regional and global platforms for collaborative research and learning exchanges. read more

Information resources

Information resources from the Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence.  read more


Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence contacts.  read more

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