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REEF GAME - Tool Demonstration Guide

ReefGame is a linked board game and computer model that can be used to explore alternative and supplemental livelihoods and coral reef conservation. This book outlines what ReefGame is, who can use it and provides instructions for playing ReefGame.

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CRTR Connectivity Handbook

Preserving Reef Connectivity: A Handbook for Marine Protected Area Managers aims to help managers of coastal areas, in particular those of coastal marine protected areas (MPAs), understand and apply the concept of connectivity in their work. Connectivity issues relate to the movement in marine environments of water – and with it sediments, nutrients and pollutants – and of marine organisms. This makes it an important element to consider when contemplating the effective design of MPAs and MPA networks and most other aspects of coastal management.

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Directory of Remote Sensing Applications for Coral Reef Management

This directory aims to help reef managers make better use of remotely-sensed data. It details opportunities provided by remote sensing, the limitations of different methods, and considerations for implementation.

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Reef Rehabilitation Manual

This manual captures the learnings of worldwide research into reef rehabilitation and seeks to reduce the proportion of reef rehabilitation projects that fail. It provides detailed hands-on advice, based on lessons-learnt from previous experience, on how to carry out coral reef rehabilitation in a responsible and cost-effective manner. Additional information and case studies can be viewed here.

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Rehabilitation of reefs is a long-term process, not a quick-fix (October 2010)

Rehabilitation or restoration of damaged reefs is possible in certain circumstances; however, it is complex, requires investment, expertise and long term planning.

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Coral disease: an emerging threat to the world’s remaining reefs (September 2010)

Both the prevalence and geographic spread of coral diseases have increased in recent decades. This paper provides advice to natural resource managers and decision makers on this critical issue.

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Research Compendium

The CRTR Program’s Phase One research effort has contributed to more than 630 research publications, showcasing research results and outputs from December 2004 to November 2009.

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Customs and taboos: The role of indigenous knowledge of fish stocks and coral reefs in Tanzania

A major study of the role of indigenous customs and taboos in the management of marine resources along the coastline of East Africa.

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Building capacity in coral reef science: An anthology of CRTR scholars’ research 2010

This anthology presents a snapshot of the research and achievements of the CRTR scholars during Phase One of the CRTR Program.

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Southeast Asian COE in action: Promoting sustainable mariculture

Aquaculture is a booming industry in the Philippines, a nation ranked within the 14 most influential fisheries countries globally. Researchers at the CRTR's Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence is working to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information amongst local governments, managers, stakeholders and scientists on key marine and coastal resource issues related to mariculture.

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Standard Operating Procedures for repeated measures of process and state variables of coral reef environments

The CRTR Program has developed a set of Standard Operating Procedures with which to collect state and process variables at the various habitats in the vicinity of each CoE and other satellite locations. These methods will allow useful comparisons among localities, and are flexible enough to allow for different analytical approaches.

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Coral reefs: A casualty of climate change?

A DVD containing resources to inform decision making, including research reports, recommendations, films and images.

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Reefs for people - Modelling demonstration CD

This CD demonstrates a sophisticated model which can be used to predict the impact of coastal developments and climate change on coral reefs and coastal environments. The model will be used in planning to allow sustainable development and protect reefs. It uses social, economic and biological information from a local situation to generate relevant models to inform decisions. The latest version of the model can be accessed via www.reefutures.org


Southeast Asian CoE in action: Community-based restoration - the Bolinao experience

CRTR Researchers are working with local communities to restore live coral cover to the reefs of Bolinao, Pangasinan Province in the northwestern Philippines by sharing low-cost reef restoration techniques.

>> Download [PDF, 1mb]

East Africa CoE in action: Taboos, customs hold key to managing Tanzania’s reefs

The CoE has worked with local communities to discover how indigenous knowledge contributes to costal management. Local customs, taboos and beliefs, when used in conjunction with scientifically-developed and improved technology, promise to help protect and sustain fish stocks and coastal habitat.

>> Download [PDF, 1.54mb]

Australasian CoE: Managing marine resources at the local level – Makira Province, Solomon Islands

Shares information on the CoE’s work in the Makira Province of the Solomon Islands under the CRTR Local Government Initiative to determine coastal impacts and prioritise an action list on how the community can work towards reducing these.

>> Download [PDF, 890kb]

Southeast Asian CoE: Local governments critical to effective management and protection of coral reefs - Lingayen Gulf, The Philippines

Reviews the CoE’s work under the CRTR Local Government Initiative with coastal municipalities surrounding the Lingayen Gulf to improve management and protection of reefs.

>> Download [PDF, 3.42MB]

The Science of No-Take Fishery Reserves: A Guide for Managers

This resource examines the science underlying the use of no-take fishery reserves as a management tool for coastal fisheries, with a focus on connectivity. It considers benefits of NTRs, optimal size, knowledge gaps and socio-economic factors. 

>> English Document (revised April 2010)

>> Spanish Document (revised April 2010)

>> French Document (revised April 2010)

Conserve coastal habitat today, preserve income for tomorrow
(October 2009)

CRTR Advisory paper on the economic, social and environmental importance
of conserving coastal habitats. Advice for planners and policy makers on
long-term approaches to coast development and actions that can be taken
today to preserve coastal habitats.

>> Download [PDF, 468kb]

Bleaching and Related Ecological Factors
CRTR Working Group Findings 2004-2009

This report details the findings of the CRTR Bleaching Working Group, including major contributions to understanding to the impact of climate change on coral reefs. Read about scientific outcomes, major training achievements, outreach activities and outputs.

>> Download [PDF, 3.3Mb]


Present and Future Challenges for Coastal Communities: Proceedings of the Coastal Resources Management Forum (Philippines)

>> Download [PDF, 20Mb]

MPA Enforcement Protocol Guide (Philippines)

(Gabay Hinggil Sa Pagpapatupad ng mga Batas ng Sanktwaryo sa Bolinao, Pangasinan)

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 Remote Sensing Update May 2009

New frontiers of remote sensing for reef management (2009)

Remote sensing provides valuable tools that resource managers can use at all stages of coral reef conservation.  The Remote Sensing Working Group of the Coral Reef Targeted Research & Capacity Building for Management (CRTR) Program, has been working to enhance remote sensing tools to better enable coral reef management, and as part of their work, have recently released a Research Update on how to measure stress on coral reefs and mapping reefs and spatial-decision making, along with the available tools to assist managers.

>> Download [PDF, 330KB]

Framework for an Ecosystem-based Management Plan Addu Atoll, Republic of Maldives

An outcome of an AusAID Public Sector Linkage Program with the Government of the Maldives and the Centre for Marine Studies, the University of Queensland, this document can be used as a template for Maldivian counterparts to develop their own Ecosystem-based Management Plan, and incorporates the initial Addu Vision into an Atoll Management Plan.

>> Download [PDF, 6.24MB]

Coral Disease - guidelines for assessment, monitoring and management (2008)

Designed for reef managers by international experts on coral disease, the Handbook outlines procedures for describing indicators, measuring impacts, monitoring outbreaks, assessing causes, and managing reefs to minimize losses due to disease. This handbook helps managers not only to document and manage disease on their reefs, but also enables them to contribute to our scientific understanding of this grave and increasing threat.

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Underwater Cards for Assessing Coral Health on Caribbean Reefs (2008)

These Underwater Cards for assessing the health of coral reefs have been designed so that scientific, professional and recreational divers can all assist with gathering information on the occurrence of coral reef diseases in the Caribbean. These cards will assist in the identification and monitoring of diseases in Caribbean coral and other reef organisms.

>> View cards


Underwater Cards for Assessing Coral Health on Indo-Pacific Reefs (2008)

These Underwater Cards for assessing the health of coral reefs have been designed so that scientific, professional and recreational divers can all assist with gathering information on the occurrence of coral reef diseases in the Indo-Pacific. These cards will assist in the identification and monitoring of diseases in Indo-Pacific corals and other reef organisms.

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Reef Restoration Concepts and Guidelines: Making sensible management choices in the face of uncertainty

New guidelines from the CRTR Program provide coastal managers, decision-makers, technical advisors and others with an overview of research exploring successful and unsuccessful coral reef restoration approaches from around the world

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>> Download in French [PDF, 1.2MB]

>> Download in Bahasa Indonesia [PDF, 7.5MB]

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Practical Guide to Coral Reef-Friendly Practices for Local Governments (2008)

This manual provides advice on coral reef practices to assist local governments to better manage coral reefs.

>> Download (Front Cover) [PDF]

Climate Change: It’s now or never to save coral reefs (2008)

Coral reefs are increasingly coming under pressure from human activities, arising from over-exploitation, destructive fishing, pollution, eutrophication and the extensive modification of coastlines adjacent to coral reefs. Recent evidence suggests that climate change, by increasing sea temperatures and ocean acidity, may interact with and worsen the plight of coral reefs.

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Bleaching Working Group Research Update (July 2008)

Read about the progress of the Bleaching Working Group

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Connectivity Working Group Research Update (July 2008)

Read about the progress of the Connectivity Working Group

>> Download

Disease Working Group Research Update (July 2008)

Read about the progress of the Disease Working Group

>> Download

Modelling Working Group Research Update (July 2008)

Read about the progress of the Modelling Working Group

>> Download

Remote Sensing Working Group Research Update (July 2008)

Read about the progress of the Remote Sensing Working Group

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Australasian Centre of Excellence (July 2008)

Read about the progress of the CRTR’s Australasian Centre of Excellence

>> Download

Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence (July 2008)

Read about the progress of the CRTR’s Southeast Asian Centre of Excellence

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Carbon Crisis: Coral Reefs under Rapid Climate Change and Ocean Acidification (2007)

Seventeen leading marine scientists from the CRTR Program review the likely impact of climate change on the oceans' coral reefs. The paper also spells out steps that must be taken to address this issue.

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Proceedings of the Bleaching Working Group Inaugural Workshop: Puerto Morelos, Mexico (2005)

The workshop covered coral bleaching and disease and new techniques in the physiology of stress and involved over 60 students and scholars from 10 nations over a three week period.

>> Download full report [PDF, 5.25MB]

CRTR Program Summary Brochure (2007)

A comprehensive introduction to the CRTR Program’s objectives and goals against its research and capacity building agenda.

>> Dowload [PDF, 2.9MB]




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