About the CRTR

The Coral Reef Targeted Research (CRTR) Program is seeking to fill the critical gaps in our global understanding of what determines coral reef ecosystem vulnerability and resilience to a range of key stressors – from localized human stress to climate change – and to inform policies and management interventions on behalf of the coral reefs and the communities that depend on them.

The Program is being developed in three phases over 15 years. The first and current five-year phase (2004-2009) involves three components:

  • Addressing knowledge and technology gaps
  • Promoting learning and capacity building
  • Linking scientific knowledge to management and policy

For the first time in history, this Program brings together, coordinates and focuses the skills and resources of many of the world’s leading coral reef scientists. A major focus of the CRTR Program is to build capacity in countries with coral reefs, to develop and sustain a robust research environment that continues to develop practical tools for policy shapers and reef managers.

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