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The CRTR Program has a range of bleaching-related publications as well as Peer Reviewed Publications.

Bleaching and Related Ecological Factors
CRTR Working Group Findings 2004-2009

This report details the findings of the CRTR Bleaching Working Group, including major contributions to understanding to the impact of climate change on coral reefs. Read about scientific outcomes, major training achievements, outreach activities and outputs.

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Coral reefs: A casualty of climate change?

A DVD containing resources to inform decision making, including research reports, recommendations, films and images


Poster: CRTR Program Bleaching Working Group

An introduction to the CRTR Program and the activities of the Bleaching Working Group.

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Research Update, July 2008

Read about the progress of the Bleaching Working Group.

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Effects of Climate and Seawater Temperature Variation on Coral Bleaching and Mortality: reprint from Ecological Monographs 2007

Explore patterns of coral bleaching and mortality in East Africa in 1998 and 2005.

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Long-term changes in coral colony size distributions on Kenyan reefs under different management regimes and across the 1998 bleaching event, reprint from Marine Biology 2008

A research article from the Bleaching Working Group appearing in Marine Biology, Publisher Springer Berlin / Heidelberg Volume 153, Number 5 / February, 2008

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Proceedings of the Bleaching Working Group Inaugural Workshop - Puerto Morelos - May/June 2005

The workshop covered coral bleaching and disease and new techniques in the physiology of stress.


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Brochure: CRTR Program Summary

A comprehensive introduction to the CRTR Program's objectives and goals against its research and capacity building agenda.

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