Prof. Drew Harvell
Chair, CRTR Disease Working Group
Diver collecting coral mucus with a syringe from the surface of a Siderastea siderea colony

The situation

Coral reefs are under increasing stress from a number of causes, including climate warming, poor water quality and overfishing.  Over the last 20 years, unprecedented increases in coral disease have contributed significantly to coral reef degradation. read more

Who we are

The Coral Disease Working Group’s research will provide a greater understanding of the ways in which coral diseases can alter reef function and the conditions under which outbreaks may occur. read more

Our research

The Coral Disease Working Group aims to fill critical information gaps about coral reef disease, build capacity internationally, and develop solutions for managing and conserving reef ecosystems. Coral disease research is focused on global impact; global warming and human impacts; causes, reservoirs and vectors; and disease resistance. read more

Progress so far

The Coral Disease Working Group has addressed many issues including identifying several infectious disease syndromes; measuring baseline levels of many diseases worldwide; identifying which Centres of Excellence are most suitable for identifying local factors that might drive disease; and investigating whether climate factors affect coral disease levels. read more

Information resources

Coral disease related publications are available. read more 


Coral Disease Working Group contacts read more

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