EBM planning and policy forum

Over three days, senior natural resource managers from eight Pacific Island countries shared their experiences in environmental management and fisheries, and considered the application of the EBM approach in addressing critical issues.

“Forum participants developed a very important statement which identified key environmental issues in the Pacific and outlined guiding principles for EBM,” said Professor Hoegh-Guldberg who facilitated the forum.

The group will seek wider endorsement of the EBM concept over coming months which will encourage this approach to implementation across the Pacific.

Mr. Peter James, acting head of the Development Division in Vanuatu’s Fisheries Department, participated in the forum.

“The key lesson I have learned is that in Vanuatu, we need to integrate the stakeholders better,” said Mr James.

“This includes the different sectors of environment, agriculture, forestry, public works, and boats and harbours which all have a role to play in managing natural resources. We also need to consider the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and NGOs as they are involved as well.”

“I see the benefits of the EBM approach as faster resource recovery, and therefore improved livelihoods and increased food security for the people of Vanuatu.”

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