Capacity building

Both the course and the forum made a significant contribution to capacity building in environmental management in the Pacific, according to Professor Meg Caldwell, Director of Stanford University’s Center for Ocean Solutions (COSS) who participate in both events.

“A recent study by COSS identified a real lack of capacity across the Pacific to deal with the primary challenges that they are facing for coastal and marine systems.

“Both events gave participants the opportunity to have some intimate discussion about how to actually implement the EBM approach in coastal environments.“

The forum was led by the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland, the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University, and ANCORS.

The course was supported by the Coral Reef Targeted Research and Capacity Building for Management (CRTR) Program, The University of Queensland, the Cook Islands Marine Resources Institutional Strengthening Project (CIMRIS), and the United Nations Environment Program, with ANCORS as a collaborator.

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